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Care Homes

As the need for care home places expands rapidly, the development of care homes has, of course, grown to fill this need. Care homes are being developed and built across the country in record numbers, as well as undergoing substantial extensions and refurbishments to keep up with the demand for places. 

Structural and Weatherproofing Guarantees

Residential Care Homes and Healthcare Facilities require critical structural and weatherproofing protection. These policies generally run for 10 years from practical completion of the build (though we can also arrange a 12-year cover where the contract is under seal).

Increasingly, we are finding that care home owners are specifying this cover as part of the contractual requirements. We can help put this cover together for you, guiding you through the options and obligations. Latent Defects Insurance (also known as Inherent Defects Insurance) plays a key role in getting a deal across the finish line, protecting the care home, owners, and investors alike.

Loss of Income

We find that the loss of income extension, providing vital long-term protection for the care home owner or funders, is a key element here that can be included at minimal additional cost.


Funders looking to invest in the care home and healthcare sectors want to minimise risk and look to provide as much security for the delivery of that investment.

One of the risks they look to protect is that of defects within the property, which occur within the first 10 or 12 years after completion. Such defects can prove very costly and have a knock-on effect on income due to a reduction in resident numbers. Funders manage this by putting a Latent Defects policy in place, not only for the building itself but also for any consequential loss of income. This safeguards the investment and avoids costly and lengthy legal battles under collateral warranties, during which time the defects deteriorate and the loss is exacerbated.

New Builds, Conversions & Extensions

We look after all of these aspects of how a care home works, providing a competitive and comprehensive Latent Defects policy to protect owners and funders, and encouraging investment and speculation in this growing sector. 

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