Our Products

We can provide you with advice on a range of specialist products including Residential Warranties, Commercial Latent Defect Policies and Insurance Backed Guarantees. If you are unsure about which cover you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Residential Warranties

If you are building, converting
or refurbishing a residential
property you will need a 10
year warrenty.

Commercial Latent Defect Policies

If your company owns, develops,
designs, builds, leases or advises on commercial or residential property.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Almost any kind of work can be covered under an insurance backed guarantee.

Roofing & Cladding Guarantees

We have schemes designed to
provide this important cover.

Mixed Use Development

We provide a ten year warranty for these developments, putting together a policy which ensures residential and commercial aspects of the build.

Environmental Insurance

We have great experience in arranging insurance to deal with environmental problems.

Build to Rent

Build to Rent (BTR) schemes are purpose-built housing designed for rent rather than sale.

Logistics & Warehousing

BLG have considerable experience in the placement of cover for distribution and logistics warehousing and the associated offices.


During our existence, Building and Land Guarantees have been involved in using our expertise to arrange a number of schemes for a variety of customers and trade associations.

Mechanical & Electrical Insurance

A Mechanical and Engineering Insurance (M&E insurance) policy will cover damage caused to the M&E by inherent defect.

Right To Light

Protection for claims from neighbours with windows, who believe that they have lost their right to an adequate level of light as a consequence of the building development.

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