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Roofing & Cladding Insurance

The insurance policies we are able to source for roofing and cladding works, offer you a long-term guarantee on these construction works against future defects, including, most importantly ingress of water. Ingress of water losses are provided for by a standard buildings insurance policy, but only where there is a specific event – i.e a storm, lightning strike etc. Where losses occur as a result of defective workmanship, materials or design a standard buildings insurance policy is very unlikely to respond. Standard buildings policies do not include cover for gradual ingress of water, which may be caused by defective materials or workmanship. We are able to offer a solution to this issue with a Roofing and Cladding defects insurance policy.

Policy periods of up to 12 years are available, and is fully transferable to future owners. As a result, blue chip property owners and pension funds often request an IBG in order to have the comfort that even if the guarantee provider (contractor) ceases to trade, they can still benefit from the IBG policy in the event of a problem.

The policy can cover roofing or cladding works for new, part-completed, and completed projects.

Who should be interested;
• Property Developers;
• Property Owners;
• Main Contractors;
• Sub-Contractors;
• Installers and Approved Installers;
• Associated professionals – Project Managers, Architects, Structural Engineers;
• Funders;
• Component providers of Roofing and Cladding systems who are interested in differentiating their product from their competition with the provision of an Insurance Backed Guarantee

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