Structural Warranty vs Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC)

Working in the Latent Defects market, we often receive the same question from many of our clients…
“What is the difference between a Structural Warranty and Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC)?”

Structural Warranty: – also known as Latent Defects/Residential Warranty

  • A structural Warranty covers the cost incurred for restoring your property from a structural defect
  • 10 or 12-year guaranteed cover
  • No requirement to prove negligence in order to recover repair costs
  • Additional security for funders and owners
  • Extensions available to protect contractors and professional team
  • Allows property developers to sell their new development to potential purchasers who require a mortgage

Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC): – also known as an Architects Certificate

  • Usually Valid for 6 years from issue
  • If the professional ceases to trade, the PCC is no longer valid
  • Negligence has to be proven before they are liable to actually repair any issues in the property·
  • The bulk of the market requires a structural warranty to be in place in order to release funds to a purchaser.

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